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Am I Single or Solo Poly? - IG Post

A single polyamorous person and a solo polyamorous person are not the same. People confuse the two, leading to further confusion among those they are communicating with. Knowing the difference, when to apply solo versus single, and when they work together can prevent awkward conversations and misunderstandings. It does not hurt to see the difference even if you are neither.

I am a single polyamorous person.

this is a single polyamorous person - "single," meaning someone who is not in a relationship. Single does not mean they are looking for a relationship; ask for clarification.

I am solo polyamorous.

this is a solo polyamorous person - meaning this is the type of polyamory they practice and gives some insight into how they navigate their relationships, not their relationship status.

I am a single solo polyamorous person.

this is a single solo polyamorous person - meaning they are not in a relationship and identify as solo polyamorous. It may sound redundant, but these are different descriptors.

Every solo polyamorous person (relationship style/orientation) is not single (relationship status) and vice versa. You CAN be a single solo polyamorous person - but single does not automatically mean you are available or seeking new connections. solo polyamorous people are not looking to mimic being "single" by expressing their autonomy. Solo polyamorous is also not a "state" until you find a partner.

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