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Garden Party - IG Post

"Garden Party" is an IG Post - this is the accessible read-only text.

Garden Party Poly-

Garden party (or birthday party) is an interaction application in polyamory in which metamours do not interact usually, but are comfortable getting together for an event celebrating or supporting a shared partner. While garden party is typically a term used to describe polyamorous metamour interactions - it can also be used to describe interactions in other non-monogamous dynamics if applicable. Garden party polyamory can be considered the sweet spot between kitchen table and parallel polyamory. Parallel polyamorous preferred people may be comfortable navigating garden party too, depending on the occasion.


Typically the garden party is focused on metamour interaction (your partner's partner), however it may extend to casual or play/lifestyle partners depending on the agreement in the relationships. Garden party polyamory is not assumed as acceptable for everyone in the polycule. some may still prefer a parallel polyamorous dynamic or a DADT - don't ask don't tell.


Metamours can get together for key events in their partner(s) lives like: events for their kids, graduations, birthdays, retirements, performances, marriages, and more. If you are the shared partner, of course you will invite whomever you want to these events that center you. DO NOT assume your partner will be ok with you inviting their metas to their key events - even if your metas are okay with attending. The same goes for events centered around children. involve the guardians or parents you share responsibility with when it comes to inviting metas to children's events. it also does not hurt to involve the child in the invitation process. It is easier to communicate why someone wasn't invited versus trying to deescalate a situation where an unwanted guest comes to an event on your behalf. Don't be the person to make that mistake.

Not Kitchen Table!

Garden party is not kitchen table polyamory. In kitchen table metamours are more familial or friendly with each other. they are comfortable with sharing meals, watching movies or just hanging out together. Garden party offers the opportunity for people to still celebrate their partner, while maintaining their distance.

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