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I am not accessible enough. - IG Post

"I am not accessible enough" is a carousel posted on Marjani Lane's IG page January 17th 2022. This is the all text version of all of the slides.

And it is entirely my fault. Although @marjanilane_v2 exists for those need bigger more legible font, as well as less distracting colors and that really good enough? am I doing enough? And to whose standard? Visually impaired people are being left out of the loop with my work.

And as someone with vision issues including being monitored for a transition into the early stages of glaucoma and having a brother who is blind in one eye and losing sight in the other...there is no excuse. I apologize for not extending my accessibility beyond @marjanilane_v2 and captioned videos.

Starting today - you will be able to find my posts in their "pure" text form on my website under BLOG. This is for easy reading and for those who use screen readers. I will also be making a better effort to ensure the alt texts on both of my pages is utilized more often. As i have over 400 posts, archiving this takes time - but it will be done.

Polyamorous content creators must make a conscious effort to make our content ACCESSIBLE. There are free resources to ensure we can make ensure disabled people in the community are getting similar if not the same experience as others.

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