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Lap Sitting Polyamory - IG Post

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Lap Sitting Polyamory

Lap sitting polyamory (LSP) is an interaction style between metamours. In LSP, the relationships between metamours is akin to close friends, romantic, and/or s3*u@l partners. The relationships are entangled. the further end of spectrum is DADT (don't ask, don't tell) - "opposite" of lap sitting.

Too Good To Be True

LSP polycules do exist, even if you haven't seen one. they may seem impossible but there are ways to manage it.


Just like any form of interaction - there must be consent. If the polycule navigates lap sitting, it is imperative that all members respect each other's agency. LSP does not mean someone gets to disregard a metamour's consent. it is not a free for all. a relationship should not end because someone was not interested, however...the possible pitfall of having a polycule that practices LSP is it may be expected that one will have at least sexual access to other metamours. Mitigate this expectation with conversations about consent being the priority. Also that LSP is in the interest of metamours having the option to seek out close platonic, romantic and/or sexual relationships with their metas.


LSP can peacefully exist with other metamour interaction styles with transparency. LSP is not for everyone, and that's okay. if a potential partner is uninterested in that type of interaction - they can still be a part of the polycule. Let other members be aware so there are no assumptions to access or interest. No one should be "surprised" by a LSP polycule. let potential partners know this is the type preferred interaction in a polycule. If LSP is a non-negotiable aspect - seek only interested individuals.

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