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NSA, The Basics - IG Post

NO STRINGS ATTACHED (NSA) is a relationship usually centered around s3x and no other expected forms of commitment. In some form or fashion NSA relationships have always existed, but the term gained popularity with online seeking forums. NSA relationships can fall on the spectrum of one night stands to maybe similar to friends with benefits (FWB).

So Does That Mean Anything Goes?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. NSA does not mean a complete disregard of boundaries - whether from the people in the NSA or from the other relationships they are in. Of course there are people using NSA as a cushion for their unethical behavior whether it be cheating or overstepping boundaries - that is not the purpose. It is imperative that boundaries are set and respected in a NSA. If you are a non-monogamous person, make sure you are transparent with your partners and the person(s) you are dealing with about NSA. Also...NSA does not automatically mean consent. never assume - even if the relationship is less valuable to you.

What Are the Benefits of NSA?

Low Impact - NSA relationships offer people the opportunity to engage in some form of intimacy without the commitment. It is especially ideal for those who just want to get straight to the physical interaction. They do not have to "wine & dine" the person(s) they are dealing with unless it is something they prefer.

Exploration - Some people want the option to explore with others without having any obligations. They can freely try out new things and make mistakes trying without fear of damage to the relationship. There is a lot of opportunity when there is not fear of "loss".

Ghost - Ghosting (or just calling it off without a reason) happens in NSA and for the most part is accepted. For those who thrive in spaces where they do not have to take on the responsibility of communicating that they want to end something - this is very ideal. Of course, let someone know this is how you navigate to avoid angry feedback when done.

Short-Term - NSA can be long-term, but it is definitely short-term friendly. NSA only forum boards for those visiting the area for work or vacation is very popular. "Cutting to the chase" aka getting to the point is the goal of NSA. It saves people time who may not be in the area or available for very long.

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