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Polyamory is About Building Families & Generational Wealth - IG Post

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[image: dark skinned Black woman wearing a rogue beret, pink fashion glasses, rogue lipstick and a pink cami-top with a speech bubble above her saying: "no, it's not"]

Stop using polyamory as a way to support your narrative of what YOU think is best for the community.

If you see polyamory as an opportunity for you to build a family or create generational wealth...great.

But that is not the definition of polyamory. That is your personal purpose for navigating polyamory and that purpose can be completed WITHOUT navigating polyamory (or polygamy).

"Polyamory (and polygamy) is about building families and generational wealth" is something said in the Black community as a way to validate the practicing polyamory and polygamy. And when polyamory and polygamy are referenced in this statement - they really mean MFF (one cis man, two+ cis women) and polygyny. So, obviously this is exclusive of certain people in our community.

Polyamory literally means the ability to and/or desire to love multiple people in intimate relationships. Polygamy literally means multiple marriages. And for those murmuring about our ancestors...on the large continent of Africa - the reasoning and validity of practicing polygamy is culture/tribe specific.

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