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Should Polyamory be added to the LGBTQ+ rights movement? - IG Post

The Argument for It

Some people in the polyamorous community feel like polyamory should be added to the LGBTQ+ -movement and, subsequently, the acronym. By adding polyamory into the LGBTQ+ movement, some believe it will grant support towards rights and changes in legislation as it pertains to polyamorous people. Some also think it will change the narrative on how people view polyamory as a choice to something people simply are. Some rally with the idea that polyamory is a form of s-xual identity/expression and feel it needs to be represented alongside the LGBTQ+ community. While this argument has not been the most discussed in the community, it does occur. Polyamory is not often at the forefront of any supportive legislation. Bigamy is still illegal, and there are no laws that protect against discrimination against polyamorous relationships.

The Argument Against It

Polyamory is (typically) defined as multiple intimate relationships. Polyamory does not mean multiple intimate LGBTQ+ relationships and includes heterosexual and cisgender people. The LGBTQ+ community does navigate polyamory, but not everyone. Adding polyamory, which is a love style alignment, could assert that people in the community are also polyamorous, which is erroneous. This assertion differs from the other designations because this would be the only one focused on the number of intimate connections made versus one's attraction or gender identity. This can cause confusion. Polyamory is not a gender identity or s-xuality by definition. "Piggybacking" off the LGBTQ+ for certain rights may not be the best idea. Polyamory has different needs that may overlap, but not entirely regarding legislation protection. Even with some of the rights afforded to those in the LGBTQ+ community, there are still a lot of loose ends, especially in the realm of transgender rights.

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