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Spring Cleaning Your Polyamory Community Consumption - IG Post

Vet the Content

It is time to take a fine-toothed comb over the polyamorous content you intake. Polyamory is not a stagnant journey; while unlearning mono-compulsivity, we gain more insight into our love style. Some things that sat well at one point in your journey may not be necessary to hold onto anymore. It's time to vet the content you take in and let some of it go.

Set Your Standards

Perhaps you are okay with specific content flow as long as the creators participate in consensual non-monogamy, or maybe you have an aversion to work from those who aren't LGBTQ+ inclusive. That's up to you - however, it is essential to review these standards and make sure you are holding yourself accountable to them when it comes to whose content you consume in the community.

Vet the Creators

Some of you have never done a google search on your favorite polyamorous podcaster, educator, or influencer. You probably should. Were you aware of the abuse allegations of one of the writers of the famous polyam- book "More Than Two," Franklin Veaux? Did you know that Brother Polight, a famous polygynist influencer, was arrested and charged with s3xu@l battery on a child in 2021? Would knowing this change whose content you intake? Would you be more likely to be cautious in taking their advice or input when it comes to your love style?

Get a Variety

Some polyam creators make polyam art, music, photography, fictional books, tv shows/shorts, movies, comic books, and more. Open yourself up to all of your options!

Not a Safe Space

It's okay to admit that a place you found solace in as a polyam person may no longer serve that purpose anymore. Go ahead and remove yourself from that FB group or group chat that has gone downhill. stop showing up for that polyam meetup that lost its touch. Also, sometimes you outgrow spaces, but it does not mean they are no longer safe. you may need to find another place to grow.

Don't Over Indulge

Sometimes we are guilty of overconsumption as it relates to the polyam community. If you only consume what people give you - you will only grow to their standards. Spring cleaning for this can mean giving yourself some time between content (and community) consumption to digest what information you received. think about what you heard or learned and follow up on it.

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