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The Jezebel - IG Post

decolonize non-monogamy

Before the Boat

The jezebel stereotype/caricature was stamped on Black women and femmes (including children) well before the forced diaspora. When slavers and colonizers arrived to the continent, they would see some of the indigenous women nude or "scantily clad" in their traditional clothing. Due to their sexist and racist beliefs, they immediately attached their ideologies of "lack of morals" onto the women. Pair this with the practice of polygamy (more commonly polygyny) - which even furthered the assumption that s3xu@l deviance had to be at the root of this "immorality". The sexual assault and abuse of African women's bodies came alongside these beliefs. The colonizers led themselves to believe the African women were insatiable and wanted this.

The Jezebel

The jezebel ranges from a "quadroon", "mulatto", to "fully" Black woman who has an insatiable s3xu@l appetite. The jezebel is conniving, lack morals, is s3xu@lly lewd, and thirsts over men. She tempts white men. She is in juxtaposition to White womanhood, which is pure, virgin, and the standard of morality. for obvious reasons this stereotype benefited slave owners. They would encourage and force Black women and girls to have intercourse. more children meant more slaves, which meant more money. Sometimes mothers were awarded for giving birth to multiple children. Seeing some BW as temptress jezebels contributed to the continuation of sexual crimes against them by White men.


Enslaved women and girls were also sold as prostitutes. Some slave owners owned brothels full of enslaved Black and/or mixed Black women and girls. This would further the s3xu@l exploitation of Black women and girls. This created incredible damage to how BW viewed themselves in relation to s3xu@l exploration and agency over their bodies.

Fetishization of BW

A lot of non-Black people see BW as naturally having s3xu@l prowess and seek them out for solely that. The hyper-sexualization without fail makes it difficult for BW interested in non-monogamous spaces (like the sw!nger lifestyle) to navigate without feeling like one is being hunted. And when BW do not meet the expectations of the insatiable succubus, disappointment is not hidden.

The Effects

The jezebel complex affects the way BW see s3x and how people see them. BW may be more reluctant to exploring their s3xu@lity due to the potentially deadly ramifications of being seen as "loose" and "immoral". The jezebel stereotype is also internalized within the race itself. Black girls are told they are being "fast" or "too grown" from simply the clothes they wear or going through puberty. 1 in 5 Black women (22%) will experience r@pe in their lifetime. Black adolescents have the highest proportion of forced sexual intercourse. BW, femmes, and girls are not afforded the opportunity to navigate or not navigate s3x thanks to hundreds of years of racist and sexist oppression. This leaves little room to exist as asexual or s3xa@lly explorative without consequence.


Slut shaming takes on a different face when concerning the jezebel stereotype. beyond the obvious lack of representation (and interest) in the sw!nger community by BW. Some BW may lean towards monogamy because has been shown as akin to purity and morality. Non-monogamy may further exasperate the consequences of being seen as a jezebel for BW, especially as it relates to relationships with multiple men.

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