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The Lifestyle: The Unicorn (Before an Event) - IG Post

Research Your Event

RESEARCH THE EVENT/LOCATION. whether it be a lifestyle club at a "public" venue in town or at a private residence - research! You should be looking at the neighborhood - if the event is at night, is it a well-lit area? how is parking being managed for the party? Is there a shuttle (some larger private events have shuttles)? Thoroughly read the flyer and venue's information. there may be a dress code, membership fees, and/or cover to access the event. Is there a dependable number you can use to get more information? Are the hosts/owners well-esteemed? just because they are popular, does not mean their events are ethical. also be wary attending events of new hosts. The same way you would vet your partners - vet your lifestyle events

The Guest List

Some exclusive events may have a guest list of paid attendees or members. be aware this is hit or miss for availability - most attendees prefer anonymity and the event coordinators won't share guest lists. A popular lifestyle venue in Atlanta has a membership area online where attendees can make connections on a forum and in messenger before the event. Be aware this is just a tool - you are not obligated to interact with people you connect with online at the venue.

Tell Someone

If you are choosing to attend the event alone - tell someone you trust your plans. You can withhold that it's a lifestyle event, but making note of your location's address and how long you plan to be there - checking in when you arrive & leave is important. Safety at any event - is paramount. As a first timer, you need to prepare yourself with some safety measures. does this mean lifestyle events tend be dangerous? no. but predators exist everywhere. If you are expected to check in at 3am with a friend on video but never do - they know where to start. The same goes for it you decide to connect with people at the venue for some after-hours entertainment - let someone know what your plans are.

Set Your Boundaries

Even though you have not attended the event - set up your boundaries. There are simply some things you probably are not going to want to do. talk to other lifestylers on what to expect attending as a unicorn and compile a list of your hard-nos. There is nothing wrong with being open-minded to what occurs, but still set realistic boundaries that will protect you and manage risks. You do not have to do everything the first night - or anything at all.

Dress Down

Some events/venues have a dress down time or location. dress down is essentially just that - dressing down to a robe, towel, underwear or less. it can be done at a certain time or location of the venue. If the event you're attending is doing this - try to figure out what you'd like to dress down to. try to not make it too fussy to wear.


The amount of body hair you do or don't want is up to you...

...but wash your a**.

Take a fresh shower right before attending the event. apply extra deodorant. Do not attend a lifestyle event at 9pm depending on the freshness afforded to you from a shower that you took at 9am. Beyond the basic hygiene concept, it is also considerate to other attendees.

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