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who/what is marjani?


Marjani Lane is an alter ego created by me, Ebony Hagans.  I was channeling "Marjani" well before the articulate Facebook posts and content creation.

The point of Marjani wasn't to negate and confront everything, but to change to narrative of what a person looks like and sounds like when they do it.

The character itself has sexual agency, autonomy over their polyamory and self awareness. Marjani represents freedom and being comfortable while doing it.

Every Black woman or femme's sexuality and romantic experience should not be limited to the consumption of cis-het men.

Furthermore, polyamory is for everyone, not just white bodies.

Marjani Lane's platform does not only focus on polygyny & MFF triads like other brands. It is important to show all forms of the love style.

I do not believe women and feminine presenting people should be docile, sweet, and passive when speaking about serious issues. "Marjani" is in your face with the need for Black people to unpack their misogyny, homophobia, heteronormativity, classist, transphobic etc, behavior when it applies to alternative love styles.

This brand isn't just about me. It is about the acceptance and realization that pink isn't just a soft, pleasant color - but that it can also be dominant and assertive. There are not enough Black femme queer voices in the polyamorous community. The popularity of polyamory within our community has created a void of education. Heteronormativity reigns and Black women & femmes are being drowned out by sexist ideology applications to polyamory.

"Marjani" exists as a cacophony to the norm.

Marjani: About
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