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Okay, so who is Marjani really?

My name is Ebony. I am 31 years old, solo polyamorous, pansexual enby  (non-binary). I use they/them pronouns. I live in Hawaii but am originally from NC. I am a Navy Veteran.

I have been alternatively dating and living (polyamory, BDSM) for 10 years. I have had up to 4 relationships of various polyamorous configurations at one time. I typically refer to all of my romantic connections as partners, but not everyone is considered a lover.

I typically date cis & trans men and masculine presenting people. My ideal polyam dynamic is the one I am in currently (separate date/solo-poly) and maybe one day an open MFF triad w/ nesting.

In my free time, I enjoy MMORPGs, anime, cooking, and creating educational inclusive content. I love botanical gardens and learning about foraging and food preservation. I am very introverted and have a small circle of friends outside my partners and family.

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