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Past & Future

Youtube, Instagram Lives/IGTVs, podcasts,  articles and more that I have been given the opportunity to speak on. Also any future interviews and forums I will be speaking on.

Full Circle Television

IGTV Live - 04MAY20

Spoke on IGTV - Live with Full Circle Television about polyamory and polygamy.  The video is not on their Instagram anymore but they are still worth a follow.

Black Poly Nation's - Real Poly, Real Talk Interview Pt. 2


I had to opportunity to speak to founders of Black Poly Nation with 2 other solo poly people about our experiences dealing with solo poly in the black polyamorous community. This video can be see on their Facebook group, page, IG (@black_poly_nation), and website.

Catelayah Speaks

Youtube Live - 03FEBB21

Spoke with Catelayah on her Polyamorous Series about dating multiple men.

Alex Porter & Marjani Lane


Was able to break down sexuality and romance (biromantic vs. bisexual) and how it affects polyamorous relationships with Alex Porter of the Portah Family.

I am available to speak on most platforms.

Interviews+: Portfolio
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