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Am I Ready? - IG Post

This is the accessible test of the "Am I Ready" post on the Instagram.

Are you ready to date?

So you are at the stage where you are trying to figure out if you are ready to pursue your own polyamorous relationship? More often than not, if you are even having this thought, you are more prepared than most people who just jump into the dating pool. All the same it is understandable why one may have apprehensions transitioning from predominantly monogamous dating to polyamorous dating.

Where to start?

Do you know where to start dating? Be openminded to your options. due to the pandemic you may have to result to online dating and polyamorous groups for access to likeminded people. Be aware that where you used to date - dating services, blind dating events, "picking" someone up at the bar in your small town - may no longer be feasible dating grounds.

Know yourself...

...and not in just the general way relating to polyamory. by now you have probably already decided your preferred dynamic. You should know yourself enough to know your preferences, your non-negotiables, and how you see your future with significant others. This isn't the time to romanticize changing someone like so many people do in an attempt to create a new relationship. If you know that you want to move to a different country one day or you prefer a homestead lifestyle - do not compromise things integral to your identity and life to "fit" into someone else's life. Because you are new to dating, you may be liable to compromising parts of yourself to find a match...don't.

The Relevant Parties

Do the relevant parties who need to know - know you are getting ready to date? This is focused towards those who are in established relationships and those in the "dating/talking" phase. Have you been transparent how you plan to date - inclusive of your use of shared resources (time, vehicles, etc), s*xu@l encounters, and more? Have you discussed boundaries and expectations? It is imperative you communicate this.


Can you tolerate waiting until you find the right person(s)? Are you mindful enough to know if you are rushing or being rushed? Patience is key when newly dating. Pace yourself, even if you feel like you've found the right fit. thanks to the small size of the community and dating pool, people tend to rush the process. As a newbie, you are likely to get excited about the experience and may rush or be rushed into a relationship without weighing your options first. If when you were monogamous, you would have never moved into the home of someone you only knew for 2 months - keep that same energy while navigating polyamorous relationships.


Are you prepared for rejection? Arguably, no one is prepared for rejection, but do you at least have a strong enough self-esteem to accept what is being said without consequence to the person saying it? Do you have healthy coping mechanisms to deal with being turned down? Can you bow out a situation gracefully without making it more traumatizing?

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