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It's Time to Spring Clean Your Relationships - IG Post

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As polyamorous people managing multiple relationships and dating, sometimes we let certain things go to the wayside in our lives. While "spring cleaning" of relationships does not have to be done every spring - it does not hurt to do this ever so often. Doing this does help out your partners, but the goal is to give you clarity and to remove any relationship clutter.

Revisit Self Care

Have you been able to prioritize the things you enjoy without interruption from partners? are you up to "date" on your favorite hobbies? If your personal time has been overstepped by partners who show up unannounced or tend to not respect your need for privacy - this is the time to address that. If you have not set boundaries and time for self care and enrichment - think about how that looks for you and start discussing it. You are not a bad partner for wanting more time alone to pamper yourself and catch up on favorite activities.

If It Does Not Serve You...

...let it go. This is the sign for you to reevaluate those relationships and connections you feel have not been the most beneficial or health for you. Some polyamorists will hold onto failing relationships for dear life, fully aware of the fact it would be best to let go. Some relationships do not have to end as extreme as a break up/uncouple. there may be an option for a relationship to transition into something that better fits each others desires like comet, friend, secondary partner, and etc. The goal of this task is to reclaim your resources - time, money, and emotions - and allocate them to more fruitful relationships or back to yourself.


Have you been slacking on dating your partners? Sometimes when we are comfortable in our relationships, we tend to forget that we have to water the flowers (your relationship) to keep them in bloom. Get back to dating the loved ones you already have. set up extravagant date nights and low-impact activities to enjoy.


Were there some boundaries or relationship expectations you've wanted to revisit lately? Something that may have worked at the beginning of a relationship (no matter the length of the relationship), may not work for you now. Have a chat about trying to nest like you've always wanted. Maybe you aren't feeling too comfortable with your metamour coming over as much, even though you said you were. Some boundaries can always be discussed and open to change.

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