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Sleeping Arrangements - IG Post

"Sleeping Arrangements" is an IG Post. This is the read only text.

Separate Rooms

Just because you live and love together does not mean you have to sleep together. Although a more expensive option, especially if there are multiple partners and/or children, separate rooms allow for privacy and individualism. Separate rooms also do not have to be for every person in the dynamic, maybe just one person wants their own room. Keep an open mind with this option.

Side Note

If a partner prefers having their own room/private sleeping arrangements separate from their nesting partners - it is not a bad thing. Some people prefer their own spaces to relax, maintain their order (or chaos), and/or maintain their sense of individuality. Keep an open mind and respect their preferences. this may be a non-negotiable for them.

Your Options

  • multi-family homes (max 2-3 units depending on polycule size)

  • building a house - customize the floorplan to your needs

  • a large home with a lot of rooms

  • build additions to current owned home

  • revamp a shared "separate" room - building a new room may not be feasible - an extra room that can be refurbished as a private room when applicable works as well

Same Bed

A favorite for some polycules. Sleeping together is a form of intimacy for a lot of people. KING, EMPEROR, WYOMING KING AND ALASKAN KING are large bed options. be aware, the larger the bed the more likely you'll need custom sheets & bed frames. With more bodies there will be more heat - invest in a bed fan to circulate some cool air under the covers while you snuggle up.

The Guest Room

If living separate or not sharing partners - having a guest room is a priceless luxury. The room can be decked out like a hotel room, and the bathroom a spa. The polycule can invest into the decor for one (or more) guest rooms at each other's homes. purchasing personalized decor will make it more intimate.

Things to Consider

  • sheets, mattress covers, towels, etc - if different partners will be utilizing the room, invest in color coded items by the person

  • communicate who is responsible for the cleanup of a room after a partner has left - something this minor could turn into a disagreement built off assumptions

  • prepare to schedule use of the room for metas & partners to prevent overlap or surprises where someone is left without a bed

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